Through Tremendous Storms to Joy Unspeakable

Minister Carol Sue Jones


Devout Christians and those who are seeking for strength and hope in facing the distressing realities and obstacle in life will surely delight in author Carol Sue Jones’ Through Tremendous Storms to Joy Unspeakable.

Relating the author’s life journey and experiences, Through Tremendous Storms to Joy Unspeakable is about what she has learned about herself in His word and how He has set her free and blessed her life. Jones believe that God will always get the Glory out of it and that He(God) is always there going through it with you. Through this book, she shares that one thing she learned is that whatever one had to go through, For He (God) Himself has said, I will never leave you nor forsake you.

“I cried to the LORD. And He heard me. I should be dead, but I am still here. I should have on a padded jacket and be locked in a mental hospital, but I am still here. He came to me and saved my life. I am an Overcomer because of the Mercy and Loving kindness of God. To the readers of my book, if you are battling depression, grief, mourning, and have a broken heart and you aren't able to deal with the death/loss of someone that you Love with all your heart. Then this Book is for you.”

“My life's experiences will show and teach you what I had to do just be able to breathe. The only one who can help you is My God and His Son JESUS. And the Comforter-Holy Spirit of God will keep His arms around you and hold you tight. Without them you don't have a chance. With them all things are possible, go for it, what do you have to lose?”

Let the story of her life gives you more insights about how to live a desirable life and let the divine messages found in the pages of this book inspire you to take an intimate walk with God.